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        Shanghai Brother Microelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd., specializing in electronic Specialty Gases and Wet Chemical system engineering SINCE 2000, had co-compiled the China National Engineering Codes on Specialty Gases/Bulk Gases/Wet Chemical delivery system, has become the benchmaker of this industry in China.

           The Main Business Scope:
          (1)Electronic Specialty Gas Delivery System Engineering; including system design, gas cabinet/rack,and VMB/P,and piping engineering;

          (2)Electronic Wet Chemical Delivery System Engineering; including system design, CDM/VMB,and piping engineering;
          (3)Waste Gases Scrubber System and Waste Chemical Recycling System; Such as wet scrubber,heat-wet scrubber,dry scrubber,plasma scrubber,etc;
          (4)Life Safety System; including GDS,Emergency services etc;
          (5)Hook-up Engineering;
          (6)Quality Assurance Test;including pressure decay ,helium leak, trace moisture,trace oxygen and particle test etc;



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